Retail apps becoming more popular with shoppers

Every retailer knows that persuading consumers to download and use their mobile apps are an absolute must these days.The problem? Only a small subset of shoppers has been willing to dedicate space on their smartphone or tablet to a retailer’s application, let alone sit through the download time.This is where Big Bang Bonanza has done it right. You have a variety of retailers all listed on one app- and this list of retailers grows continually. This results in only one app download – so less space on your phone and faster accessibility to many retailers all on one platform.

Many consumers today remain value-focused, searching out online retailers that offer lower prices on items, and low shipping costs. With Big Bang Bonanza you can be assured that you will get the best deals from well known global retailers .

Analysts have said the best way to get consumers to download a retail app is to provide them with an tool that enriches their shopping experience.This app not only gives you this convenience, but it is an app that contains a “Share and Earn” function which can actually provide you with a healthy PASSIVE INCOME from all the shopping done by the people you referred. This income can be used towards more shopping – or you can save it for rainy days.

The Big Bang Bonanza App – Truly is the Ultimate “One Stop Online Shop”, with the added benefit of earning income.Online retailers have consistently shown that consumers are willing to pay a certain premium for convenience. But with Big Bang Bonanza the tables are turned and the user now has the chance to earn income – how great is that!

This app is currently available in the Google Play Store -but will be available on the App store soon. The Big Bang Bonanza is the app you need to have on your phone – go download it today and start reaping the benefit of using this great shopping app.



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