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The video above states that you can earn R 50 per month just for downloading our FREE app!

It ALSO states that you can earn R 100.00 per month per friend that you share with.

So, where does the money come from and why would we be prepared to pay you this money?

It comes from ADVERTISERS on the app.

Before we explain further, you need to understand what our app is all about.

Better Deal

Users always get a better deal when they shop online.

Share and Earn

Users can share with their friend's and family and earn when they use it to shop online.

Variety of Retailers

The app contains hundreds of the world's most popular online retailers.

We will use most of that income to pay people to simply download our app which is sure to result in a viral download frenzy.

Apart from this monetary incentive, our app is a sure-fire winner.

Our target of 1 million app downloads provides advertisers the necessary exposure they are looking for. This assures the advertising income for both our users and ourselves.

Obviously, with this cash incentive PLUS with the incredible appeal of the app itself, we expect to easily exceed 1 million app users – AND, the more app users we have, the more advertising revenue we receive.

As if this was not enough, you ALSO earn when your friends shop as well. In fact, you should earn R 37.50 per month per friend. (This is based on the global monthly average amount spent shopping online.)

Lets Summarise

You get paid for downloading

You get paid R 50.00 per month – just for downloading our FREE app.

You get paid for sharing

You get paid R 100.00 per month per friend you share the app with.

You get paid when friends shop

You get paid every time your friends use the app to shop online.

Always get a better deal
You always get a better deal when you shop online with Big Bang Bonanza.


  • Income from advertising commences in August 2018.
  • Income from friends shopping is paid every 30 days commencing immediately.
  • You get a better deal by using the app immediately.
  • T’s & C’s apply

Sharing is made extremely quick and easy – you simply click on the “Share and Earn” button on the home page of the app and the following invitation is sent to your friends and contacts.

Download this FREE app and get paid R 50.00 every month. Share it and get paid an EXTRA R 100.00 per friend per month.

The moment you share the app with a contact or friend, anywhere, worldwide; our unique software automatically links that person to you forever. Once they have downloaded and registered on the app, they will appear in the “My Dashboard” section on the home page and you earn from them in two ways:

  1. R 100.00 per month because you shared the app with them.
  2. Any online shopping they do. (Global average would provide R 37.50 per month.)

NOTE: In order to share from the app, you need to have SMS credits available on your phone.