About Us

Big Bang Rewards (Pty) Ltd was founded by highly skilled, experienced and creative software and marketing specialists, who have produced this very welcome and highly innovative business.

We engage high quality, independent team members who specialise in the fields required to create and continue to enhance the Big Bang app and business venture.

Our Company believes in working hard and creating unique strategies to meet the user’s requirements. You will never be disappointed with our team’s work, we guarantee that.


Objectives of Business Company

Our main objective is to dominate the online shopping industry!
Our business strategy revolves around the need to provide a unique app, both mobile and desktop, with innovative features that not only fully satisfy our clients’ needs, but go beyond whatever could have been imagined in the process. This is undertaken through the implementation of high quality control standards and innovations,


Our Mission Statement

To be untiring and unceasing in our pursuit of market domination.

Our Values

We are committed towards what we do. Our activities are managed and undertaken ethically, transparently, and in the interests of all concerned stakeholders.

This will be achieved through implementation of the following company values:

Honesty and integrity and respect for all applicable laws,
To provide an app of uncompromising performance and innovation that meets more than the needs of our customers.


Call our offices on 061 544 2055 during office hours,